Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pavai Sthaneshwar University MalayaMalaysia

Dr. Pavai Sthaneshwar graduated from Kilpauk Medical College, India. She is currently holding the position of Associate Professor in the Department of Pathology, University Malaya. She is the academic person in-charge for Chemical Pathology in the Division of Laboratory Medicine. Her job involves medical validation of clinical chemistry results, method verification of tests as per the CLSI guidelines, introduction of new tests in the laboratory as a process of continuous improvement of the laboratory services. She is also in-charge of toxicology, inherited metabolic disorders and hormone assays by LC-MSMS. Her interests are improvement of the services provided by the clinical laboratories. She is currently representing the Malaysian Association of Clinical Biochemistry in the national method verification guidelines. She is the chair for APFCB CKD task force. She is also involved in the establishment of reference intervals of common analytes at the national level.

21 June 2022

Time Session
Current Practice in Monoclonal Protein Testing
Case studies : Protein Electrophoresis

23 June 2022