About Us

On 22nd June 1999, the Malaysian Society of Pathologists (MSOP) was merged with the Academy of Medicine of Malaysia (AMM) to form the College of Pathologists Academy of Medicine of Malaysia (CPath AMM). It was a historical moment and a bold step forward for pathology in Malaysia at the turn of a new millennium.
Recently in 2021, to recruit more fellow pathologists to be a part of CPath AMM and to promote pathology and its specialties to our medical colleagues as well as the public, CPath AMM has launched The Chapters of CPath AMM which includes:
1. Chapter of Perinatal and Paediatric Pathology 
2. Chapter of Medical Genetic Pathology 
3. Chapter of Transfusion Medicine.
4. Chapter of Chemical Pathology and Metabolic Medicine 
5. Chapter of Anatomic Pathology 
6. Chapter of Haematology

Annual Scientific Meeting 

The 1st Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) of CPath AMM was held in Penang from the 1st to the 3rd October 1999. In keeping with tradition, the 19th Annual Scientific Meeting will be held in 2022 and will be co-organised by the Pathology Department of Hospital Melaka and the Department of Clinical Diagnostic Laboratories of Hospital UiTM. On this occasion, unlike past events, the meeting is fully virtual,  in deference to the new norm in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.